EWASTE has commissioned and is now operating the most up-to-date electronic and electrical equipment waste treatment plant in Europe. It is also the first plant in the world to treat and convert refrigeration gases using landfill biogas as the power source. Ewaste, with capacity to treat more than 100 different types of device, ensures decontamination of 99.8 % of greenhouse gases.

Ewaste has positioned itself in an emerging sector and provides an innovative service that ensures decontamination and recycling of all waste of this type.


1. Environmental protection.

2. To recover raw materials with a high degree of purity in compliance with the latest very strict European standards.

3. To recycle waste close to the point of origin in accordance with the principles of proximity and self-sufficiency on which the associated European guidelines are based.

4. To foster diversification of the economy and the creation of high qualification green-sector jobs.

5. To drive endogenous potential for development and consolidation of an industrial fabric related to recycling based on criteria of quality, innovation, efficiency and respect for the environment.


Ewaste is committed to sustainable development, with a business model in which environmental, economic and social issues are in harmony. For this reason, over 40% of our workforce has disabilities or belongs to groups at risk of social exclusion.